How many questions are on the CRCST exam?

The CRCST exam has a total of 150 multiple choice questions.

This is a great question, and I want to break it down a little bit further to provide some greater understanding. Though the CRCST exam is 150 multiple choice questions, only 125 will count towards the over score. 25 questions are for research which are randomly placed throughout the exam (so you won't know which ones count vs do not count unfortunately). There are also several versions of the exams so the passing score may be different for each one; which doesn't matter because they do not share what the passing scores are, nor will they show you your score either. It will be a pass or fail. All this can be found in the HSPA Certification Handbook.

Regardless, passing is incredibly possible! It is going to take some hard work and time to prepare yourself for the CRCST exam by studying the Healthcare Sterile Processing Association (HSPA) CRCST manual/textbook. If you don't already have one I suggest getting the newest version which is the 9th edition which you can obtain from the HSPA store. You can also use practice tests and flashcards developed by yours truly (Brandon The Sterile Guy), which were designed specifically to focus on the required content to help you pass the CRCST exam. Checkout The Sterile Guy CRCST resources.

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