The One Tray Dilemma

One Tray YouTube Video The Sterile Guy

How much damage can one company cause to an industry? Well, that is difficult to measure objectively. However, the damage caused by One Tray to the Sterile Processing industry education and competence is tremendous. Between false information, playing on words, and downright false advertising (as noted by the FDA), One Tray has caused significant damage to this industry. Countless techs are confused on proper protocols for instrument and implant reprocessing and the sterilization cycles involved. 

Hi, I am Brandon a.k.a. The Sterile Guy, and I created this video to shed light on the lies and misleading information from One Tray while providing tangible proof. The sterile Processing industry has enough issues with lack of recognition, lack of education, and lack of pay. We do not need manufacturers undermining the truth in order to sell their products. This industry is about patient safety and satisfaction, not money grabbing. 

Checkout this video and let me know what you think!

The Sterile Guy YouTube video: Click Here


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