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Pass the CRCST Easy The Sterile Guy

If there is one thing that is the most nerve wrecking in the job of Sterile Processing, it is probably getting that initial CRCST certification. It can feel daunting learning all the different critical areas of Sterile Processing all while knowing you need to take a huge test on everything in order to stay in the field and/or get more money. As you grab the HSPA 8th or 9th edition CRCST manual and realize how thick the book is, this only causes more anxiety.

If you need resources to help you study for the CRCST such as practice exams and flashcards, then checkout my CRCST Resources to get tests and cards designed specifically to help you pass!

Hi, I am Brandon a.k.a. The Sterile Guy, and I created a YouTube channel to help educate SPD Techs on everything Sterile Processing to include help prepare you to advance your career with knowledge and certifications. In this video I share the secrets to passing the CRCST exam easily. Did you know there are chapters from the CRCST manual that are not on the HSPA certification exam? That's right, you do not have to study the whole book! I break down what these chapters are to help you get ready for that exam. Enjoy!

Checkout the YouTube video here: Click Here

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